Authors Help

Ooohhhh—how I wish I knew what I knew now when I wrote my first book Read My Lips!

I truly winged my way through writing and selling books in the first couple of years. I'm sure it was sheer tenacity, determination and pure passion that got me as far as I got with those first 2 books. 

Now 8 more later and it still floors me how much I now know about writing books, producing books, the printing process, the editing, design and formatting process, the selling process and of course the book industry and retailing component as well. 

What never ceases to amaze me is this though—soooooo many people want to write a book, but never do! I've had thousands of people come up to me over the years with THE best book ideas—they're teaming with talent on one hand, but light on confidence and devoid of know-how on the other. But, let me say this, they’re not alone, in fact that’s most authors right there in a nutshell! Very few are brimming with confidence from the onset.

Once upon a time, authors were an elite and mysterious group. These days ANYONE can be an author! I love this! Even at my son’s school I've helped Mums write their own books!

It's not as hard as you would think. Yes, it takes some planning, yes it takes some time, but as long as you have a book idea—you're half way home. 

We offer help to all new and experienced writers.

I can help you get started—showing you how to set your manuscript up, right through to the book production and marketing portion of your authoring adventure. 

To begin—book a 1/2 hour mentoring session with me and we'll get started together!