'WOW! I had no idea how life changing this program would be! Rachael is the most amazing mentor. It was like talking to a best friend every couple of weeks! She quickly knew what I was about, and what I wanted even though I didn't know myself! I've loved every minute of this program, and am already seeing incredible results in both my personal life, and professional life. This has been the best thing I have ever done, it has helped me move forward and achieve my goals. I'll be forever thankful Rachael for everything.' Samantha

************ BEGIN ANYTIME **************

Richard Branson said it best when he recently to was quoted as saying 'Whenever I am asked what is the missing link between a promising businessperson and a successful one, mentoring comes to mind'.

He couldn't be MORE right if he tried!

But it doesn't ONLY relate to business people, there has been a massive shift these last few years whereby I've mentored MANY women who aren't even in business—in fact don't even want to, instead they are more focused on gaining directionfinding clarity or have a goal or five that they want to achieve but don't know how to go about it and even have the support around them to give it a red hot crack!

They have their group of friends they can talk about anything EXCEPT what's really important—their purpose, their goals, their dreams, their real core struggles, their financial and personal wellbeing. Discussion is uncomfortable or non-existent when it comes to goals, business or a desire to write a book. 

Most women I have mentored over the years have these struggles, they CRAVE for someone to talk to openly about what they REALLY want, or even to get help with clarifying what they want. This is the very reason why I mentor—to help them not only be clear on what they want, but to lead them through step-by-step on what to do to achieve it. 

The beauty about mentoring is it that it's for everyone. 

It's a safe space where you have total confidentialitysupport, and encouragement to be yourself, talk about what you want, brainstormstrategise and set up actions that WILL help you to achieve anything you have been dreaming of.

In these mentoring programs we cover a LOT of ground!

Each program is tailor made to suit you and what it is YOU want to achieve.

Programs vary on inclusions but here's just a taste of what I can teach, show and build your confidence in. Because the programs are all about you, you have the choice of what you want to achieve and what you'd like to cover! 

  • Get clear on your direction

  • Set goals to achieve what you want to accomplish

  • Develop productivity and regain life balance

  • Increase your wealth

  • Make a difference in your life, and the lives of those you love

  • See your big picture vision and live to your potential

  • Live your purpose with passion and enthusiasm

  • Use your natural skills and profit

  • Write a book

  • Market a book
  • Create a business

  • Market a business
  • Build your confidence

  • Shatter blockages 

  • Understand social media and how to use it successfully

And if you're in business we can cover;

  • Training on our preferred database and newsletter program. Value $745
  • Training on our preferred website program. Value $577
  • 12 month marketing plan. Value $897
  • Brand profiling. Value $179
  • Target market profiling. Value $179
  • Product development. Value $268


The WHOLE way through I will be there guiding, inspiring, motivating, and keeping you on track—step-by-step through each action step so you're not left wondering what to do, when or how. 

This has been one of the most successful programs I have run that continually produces MAMMOTH RESULTS

No one has time to throw around, and we all want our goals to manifest FAST, but few have the understanding and know how to do it independently, let alone do it quickly. Most people I have come into contact with need support, direction, and encouragement. Mentoring provides that and a whole lot more.

'It was truly an amazing experience being mentored by Rachael, I am 100% certain that I will continue to benefit incredibly from the guidance, direction and strategies she has given me throughout my entire life.' Jenny

Be quick to SECURE YOUR SPACE in any of these amazing programs here now. 

If you book and pay in full 
You can go on a payment plan from as little as $123 per week by emailing us at to receive a payment plan form.


Get ready to make 2017 the best you've every experienced! 




Each program has it's own inclusions. Please view each as follows on the book now button.