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WEBINAR - Dream, believe, create, achieve in 2017


If I asked you what your life looks like this time next year - would you know? 

The biggest challenge for women I've mentored this year has been that they don't know where they're going in life. They have no clarity and no direction. They are lost or have lost themselves and have no idea what their purpose is. Something's missing. 

This webinar will help you head into the new year SUPER clear on what you want and set yourself up to achieve it!

We're going to be designing our 2017 so it's the BEST year yet!

We'll be looking at all aspects of our lives, getting clear on what we want and how to achieve it!

Be ready with your notepad and pen/smartphone or iPad.

Together, we will design an amazing plan for you so you're ready to fly in 2017!!!!

I look forward to chatting with you soon!

Duration: 30 Minutes

Date: Friday April 21st 9.30am QLD time

Please note - this webinar will be recorded to listen after the live webinar