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Here's how WOMEN with SPIRIT make 2018 their BEST YEAR YET!....

In this life-changing 4 week program, I'll come into your world via video link every Thursday morning at 10am to unpack for you the secrets to business, personal and emotional success… and help you turn these insights into your own step-by-step blueprint for success this year!

Every Thursday morning from 10-11am QLD time (for 4 weeks)

Find your purpose, clarify your vision, live your passion, be happy, develop balance, connect, and achieve fulfilment this year with this incredible program. 

  • Gain insight into what is preventing you from achieving your goals
  • Get clarity on where you're heading and why
  • Develop your plan to success whatever that looks like for you
  • Meet, mix and be encouraged by other women with spirit 

You can do what you did in 2017 and repeat the year that was with your fears and patterns playing out again, or you shake off the slumber and heaviness that has weighed you down and join this incredible weekly program.  It will be just the breathe of fresh air you need to level up, and begin living the life you know you have wanted but have just about given up hope on. 

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What if you could have THE best year you have EVER had?

What if you had the plan, step-by-step, of what you need to do to achieve your goals, do, be and have anything you EVERY wanted—without limits?

What if all your patterns, blocks and brakes were not only clear, but you knew what to do to change them once and for all?

It IS possible!

There are only 2 things standing in your way....

The know how, and YOU!

Have a look at this video about the live event to understand more or read further....

This program is modelled off the event of the same nature - have a look at my video on the live event. The name has evolved from entrepreneurs with spirit to Women with Spirit as it felt more aligned with where we're all heading.

I truly believe that you won't be just joining a program, you'll be the foundation members and core of a movement—a new movement that has been yearning to be born for some time.

You are about to be part of something incredibly special.

4 week programs begin on the following dates;

22 February
19 April
24 May


  • This is a live video program - it's very important for me and others on this program that there be no distractions that take our focus away from the program. It is essential that your space for the hour is free of distraction - not just for your own benefit but so that others on the program aren't distracted as well. This is a condition of booking. 

  • Video's will not be recorded at this point so please ensure you schedule an hour at 10am every Thursday for 4 weeks to attend the program. 

  • No recordings are permitted at any time and will be classed as a breach of copyright.

  • Tickets are non refundable, but are transferable.